Food in School 

Avon School sincerely appreciates careful consideration of the following regulations related to food allergies and vigilant efforts to comply with them. We depend on your enhanced awareness and assistance to ensure that every child here at Avon School is able to participate in the school program without unnecessary exposure to health risks.

In order to ensure the health and safety of all of our students, including those with severe/life-threatening food allergies, we want to make sure you are informed about district policy concerning the serving of food in school.

In our classrooms:

Avon School will not supply snacks to children, except those which are provided through the contracted food service company.

Any food that is served as part of a special classroom event or celebration must be consumed in the classroom. No food should leave the school to be consumed in unsupervised locations. For this reason, goody bags containing food cannot be issued at class parties.

Class parties and other parent initiated celebrations, like a child’s birthday, MUST be discussed with classroom teachers at least 48 hours (two school days) in advance. The teacher must be informed about what foods are being served at the party. In classrooms with food allergic children, these foods should be allergen free. During this two day time period, the classroom teacher MUST contact the parents of any severely food allergic child to discuss the child’s ability to consume the snack that is planned.

The classrooms of severely food allergic children will be designated as “allergen free.” This means that food containing these potential allergens will not be permitted in the classroom. If a student inadvertently brings a restricted food to the classroom of a food allergic child, he/she will not be permitted to consume that food.

Sample Protocol:

  • Parent/guardian emails a teacher to request food delivery (i.e birthday treat) at least 2 school days prior to intended date

  • Include intended date and ingredients from the original packaging
  • Note: No tree nuts or tree nut products - food cannot be processed in factories that process tree nuts or tree nut products

The two day notice to the classroom teacher is required so that there is adequate time to coordinate with the parents of food allergic students and a plan can be devised so that all students can safely enjoy the celebration. Other food concerns exist in addition to tree nut allergies - teachers need time to reach out to parents and receive written responses from each prior to the day of the party.

In the cafeteria:

Allergen free tables/eating areas will be designated for severely allergic children. All students in the class of the food allergic child will be invited to eat in this allergen free area. Homeroom teachers AND the supervisor of the area will check the lunches of those children who wish to do so. We ask that you pack your child’s lunch accordingly, if he/she plans to eat in an allergen free area with a friend. Sharing of food is forbidden, and all children will wash their hands upon leaving the cafeteria, before using playground equipment and shared classroom supplies.

On field trips:

All parents in the class of a student with severe food allergies will be requested to pack lunches that do not contain the allergen. This request will be sent to parents at least a week in advance of the trip.Whenever students with severe food allergies travel on a field trip, that student’s lunch will be kept separate from other lunches to avoid cross-contamination.

School Sponsored Events:

Baked goods will not be served to students during any school sponsored special event (concerts, graduation, plays, performances, etc.) either at the school or at any off-site location, including the municipal building. If any food is to be served at special events like field day, etc. teachers must be informed by the group serving the food so that they can inform parents of food allergic children as per the terms of these regulations. No food should be served at any school event without prior notification and permission from the school Principal/Superintendent.

Outside Groups:

All outside groups who use Avon School are prohibited from serving food or snacks in the school building, except with the express permission of the school principal. This permission must be secured each and every time food is to be served. Requests must be made in writing to the school office at least one week in advance and will only be granted in special circumstances.